Moving to Romig

These shelves were like a giant game of Humpty Dumpty.  No one wanted to take Humpty apart, let alone put him back together again.

Thankfully, the middle school building plant operator helped us out.  He is our fairy tale hero!  It took nearly a week for him to take the shelving frames apart, transport them to the middle school classroom, and then reassemble:

Once the frames were in place, we were able to get to work in earnest.  We are grateful for the assistance of student aides in transporting shelves:

My hands are literally raw from popping in all these shelves.  It was such a relief when this phase was complete!

The next step was sooooooo slow.  I had to divvy up the collection for next year, because the books will be temporarily split between the middle and high school.

The photo below shows my progress plodding through the 200’s:  World Religion = high school curriculum, Mythology = middle school curriculum (with the exception of one high school elective course).  I tried my best to divide the books purposefully and equitably.  I guess we’ll see how I did come fall!  The cart on the left is for weeding, and the cart on the right is rolling to Romig.  High school items stay on the shelf since our room over there isn’t ready yet.

Once a Romig cart was full, we pushed it over to the temporary middle school location.  The hallways are loooooooong:

Photo credit: Jennifer Seim

One cart at a time, we loaded books onto the shelves in the new location:

Within two days of this monotonous madness, we had moved over 10,000 books.  We didn’t have a fairy godmother, but we did have hard workers who transformed this empty classroom into a magical library.

The library assistants at West/Romig are half time employees with full time attitudes.  One day Jennifer’s fitbit hit 10,ooo steps before 10 AM.  Lauren packed up the Makerspace in a single day.  They are the heroes of this tale – loading tape guns, stacking boxes, and pushing cart after cart after cart of books from here to there.

And then there was Lindsay, who by some blessed twist of fate decided to complete her internship at West/Romig.  She spent a few days helping me teach middle schoolers about bibliographies and infographics (the type of work she signed on for), but the library move took over our lives after the school bond passed.  She rolled up her sleeves and helped us shift, scan, cart, and sort.

A great crew is pivotal, but when you’re moving a library you need supplies as well.  I’d recommend rubber mallets, screwdrivers, and lots of WD-40.  You never know when your carriage is going to lose a wheel:

Photo Credit: Jennifer Seim

Once the books were in place, it was time to move the equipment and computers:

The space is pretty crammed, but we did our best to fit our lounge furniture.  I figure it’s better here than sitting in a conex for the next year.

So there we have it!  In the fall we will fix the signage and shift a bit more, but this is the middle school temporary library for the 2017-2018 school year.  It includes half our print collection (so about 10,000 books), 16 student computers, a decent assortment of DVD’s, and some equipment.