Construction Tour #2

I was able to pop into the library for another tour today.  Things are now dry, and starting to take shape!  This was the first time I was truly able to visualize everything the architects and planners have been showing me on paper for the past year!

Looking down the hallway towards Romig
Looking down the hallway to West. There will be classrooms on the left when the project is finished.
Another view of the hallway to West. The right will be the new library, and the left will be classrooms.
View into the foyer area outside the library doors. There will be a computer lab across the hall where the counseling office used to be located.
The circulation desk will be located in the area where these pipes are stacked.
Interior area of the library, with work rooms and offices being framed in on the back wall. There will also be a mobile wall that will allow us to divide the space when necessary (such as for testing) without having to close the entire library. Hooray!