We have drywall!

Things are really starting to take shape inside the library!  We’ve started talking about logistics of where to mount bookshelves, the lights have arrived, the glass should be here any day, and the drywall is being installed.

These will be small and large group study rooms that can be reserved for student use. They will have glass exterior walls, white boards, and work tables.
Looking down the hallway to West. Classrooms will be on the left side of the hallway, and the library is on the right.
This wall is in the process of being drywalled. The other side of the wall is the hallway to Romig. Small cutout windows are a decorative feature added by the architect.
This image shows the small cutout windows to the hallways.
Hallway to Romig
Looking into the library from what will eventually be the new entrance.
Panographic image looking into the new library. You can see the hallway to West on the left, the library in the middle (with study rooms on back wall) and the hallway to Romig on the right.