Construction Tour #4

Tour day!  This was the first time Mrs. Jen and Mrs. Lee were able to see the construction zone, and it was nice to do a walkthrough with all three of us together.  The details are in the captions!

Hallway to West – it will be nice to have classrooms closer to the library next year! And check out that ceiling!


Hallway to Romig – tile in progress!
Looking into the middle of our future library, standing just outside what will be the entrance. The post in the center will be the back of the circulation desk.
Right side of library (towards Romig). The blue drywall is where the metal shelving from our old library will be installed, and I think it’s the perfect spot for our nonfiction collection. We have shorter shelves coming for the floor space in this area to hold our fiction, biography, and graphic novel sections.
There will be several quiet study rooms in the back area, and they have already been painted! Each study room will have a door and a large glass window for visibility. These rooms will be available for small groups of students to collaborate on projects, prepare for debate tournaments, online classes, and so much more. I’m very excited about this new feature, which is common in many university libraries.
My office will be just to the left of the study rooms. I’ll have huge windows for visibility!
Next to my office is the entrance to the library work room (far right in this photo). This room will house the laminator, poster maker, die cut machine, media collection, professional book collection, and restroom.  A busy space! There will be an interactive projector on the wall in this photo, and our existing computer bank will be moved back into this floor space.  This will give us great visibility of all computer monitors.  Behind the blue lift (left) there is nook for a retractable wall to fold and be stored. I anticipate that our library will usually be fully open, but closing the wall will create a quiet zone for testing and special events without shutting down the entire library.
This is a view of the left side of the library. The exterior windows face West’s science wing. The track just behind the post/soffit is where the movable wall will be installed, allowing the back half of the library to be utilized for testing and special events without closing the other half of the library. This is a key feature that will make sharing one library for two schools more practical.
Another view of the left side of the library. Student tables and chairs will fill this area. Tables will be on casters, so the space can easily be rearranged for a variety of uses. The wall on the left will have computers on the front half, and shelving (most likely for our world language collection) on the back half.
View of the left side of the library, along with the hallway to West, standing just inside the future entrance.

The construction inspector also pointed out where the new seismic braces were installed.  They are now behind the walls and no longer visible, but it feels good to know that our space will be safer during earthquakes.

Hopefully we are still on track to move back into the library sometime in April.  It will be a very busy spring for us… stay tuned!