A Hat of My Own

It looks like I will be called to the construction site more frequently in the next few months, so today I received my very own hard hat and safety goggles.  Excellent!  Today I popped over so the crew could show me the plans for our circulation desk.  The cardboard cutout is where the desk will be located.

The cabinetry in the work room looks great.  There aren’t any lights in there yet, but this gives a general idea:


The paint is coming along nicely, and there are now lights in the ceiling:

I was thrilled to see water bottle filling stations next to the water fountains!  There is one in the hallway to Romig, and a second in the hallway to West.  These are going to get a ton of use!


Meanwhile, back at West we have shelving ready to ship out.  Disassembly and inventory of this shelving, and calculating exactly how much linear square footage will be moved to the new space, has been a head-scratching task.  We are trying to keep the temporary library open for students as long as possible, which means kids are browsing book carts instead of shelves.  It’s a little hectic, but everyone is being very patient with the process!


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