Wow. Just Wow.

The construction crew was hard at work while we were all on spring break last week.  I was blown away by the progress they made in such a short time.  The glass storefront has been installed, and it is a showstopper!



It’s also great to see ceiling tiles.  I’ll never take them for granted again!

Many of you will remember the quote that was in the entryway to the old library:

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 11.19.19 AMWe cut the letters out of laminated white construction paper and painstakingly taped them to the windows.  The full quote read:

Welcome. This is your L!brary. It’s a place to wander and wonder. It’s a place to seek and explore. A place to dream. It’s a place to discover, to care, smile and share. It’s a place to relax and enjoy. A place to believe. It’s a place to think, imagine and browse. A place to reflect and peruse, discover and succeed.

I’m thrilled to report that this quote will be professionally installed with vinyl cutouts on our new storefront!  This was so important to me because it sets the tone for our space and puts our mission statement out there for all to see.

The circulation desk is being built on site.  It it centrally located so we will have excellent supervision of our large space.  Today we discussed where the two work stations will be placed so the electricians can run the power lines appropriately.

We went bold with the paint colors, and the student response has been overwhelmingly positive.  West’s colors are orange and black, and Romig’s are purple and white.  Unfortunately, those palettes don’t complement each other very well!  We avoided dominating the space with either of those colors because we want students from both schools to feel equally welcome, but there are pops of purple and orange on the backs of some posts.  I think the purple looks better with the green, but once the carpet and furniture (and books!) are in place I think it will all come together.


Glass has been installed in the study rooms, and the hallways are tiled.  It’s really taking shape!

The first batch of shelving was sent to the powder coater last week, so we are functioning with book carts in the temporary library at West.  The kids are being good sports about the chaos.  How exciting to think that in another month or so we will be rolling these carts of books to their beautiful new home!


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