Field Trip to the Library

This morning the Romig staff took an early-morning field trip to the new library.  It was a great opportunity to show everyone what a beautiful, functional space they will have next year!

The mobile wall has been installed, and it looks incredible.  It was closed when we toured today:


Each section glides along the ceiling track individually, and eventually I will be trained to properly secure it to the walls and floor when in use.  Two of the panels have doors, a few have glass (with interior blinds), and the rest are white boards.


Pictured below is the area behind the mobile wall.  Student tables, chairs, and a cart of Chromebook computers is planned for this space.  I envision that the wall will usually remain open, but we will now have the ability to administer standardized exams without shutting down the entire library.  Hooray!  Flexibility is the name of the game since we rearrange our space for various functions, and this area will serve many purposes.


The circulation desk is e-n-o-r-m-o-u-s!  We don’t have drawers or shelving yet, but hopefully that will get sorted out.  There is certainly no shortage of counter space!


There are now doors on the study and work rooms, as well as the main entrance:

The crew is installing poles to run power and Internet to the computer bank area.  No more tripping over cords and cables – we can’t wait!


All of the shelving at Romig’s temporary library has been disassembled and sent to the powder coater.  We are so grateful to librarians throughout the district who loaned us book carts to get through this stage of the move.  Without their help, we would have had to box all these books!  Now everything is still accessible for students (albeit a bit inconvenient), in order, and ready to roll to the new library when we get the green light.


The first batch of shelves (from West) is back from the powder coater.  The Romig ones are loaded, inventoried, and ready for pickup:


We received lots of positive feedback from the Romig staff today.  It’s been a challenging year without a “real” library for our students, but it will be more than worth it in the end!



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