The Home Stretch!

We hoped to be moving by now, but due to some unforeseen setbacks we are a few weeks behind schedule .  It shouldn’t be much longer, and there has been a lot of progress since I last posted.

The biggest change is that we now have carpet!  The purple and orange accent colors represent Romig and West’s school colors:

I did pause when I got a glimpse of the green carpet behind the circulation desk.  It’s supposed to be an accent color, not a putting green!

Fortunately the project manager agreed that astroturf wasn’t the look we were going for, and the carpet installers are in the process of swapping out these green carpet squares for the darker, more neutral color.  This looks so much better:

Speaking of the circulation desk, it was built without any drawers, cabinets, or shelving.  As a solution, the cabinet crew made us three sets of drawers, a double cabinet, and a bookshelf.  They are all on wheels, so our work space will be flexible and modular.  In the end I think this will be even better than built-ins!

(They do push back farther so they will be flush with the countertop.)

The work room is incredible.  The shelving for the DVD collection has been installed, and there is plenty of counter and cabinet space.  This room will house our laminator, poster maker, digital die cut machine, processing supplies, and professional book collection.  I’m so anxious to start loading those shelves!

It will be great to have a staff restroom again.  I even love the soap dispenser!

The floor tile is now complete outside the library.  The hallway to Romig has purple accent tiles, the hallway to West has orange accent tiles, but the space in front of the library has both.  How symbolic!  The railings are now in place as well.

The small group study rooms now have white boards installed.  I’m so excited about the academic collaboration potential in these spaces!

Two multimedia projectors are now mounted on the walls, and the wiring for the computer areas is complete.  There will be a bank of 36 computers behind the circulation desk, and all the cables are inside the poles (no more tripping hazards).  There will be an additional ten computers along the entry wall:

One of the next steps will be to install the metal shelving, which is mostly back from the powder coater.  It will go on the white areas of the walls in the photos below.  The crew started to assemble one of the units in a classroom across from the library, and it’s looking great.  Hard to believe this shelving was surplussed from UAA decades ago!  It’s still very sturdy, and a fresh coat of paint has it looking like new.  It’s the ultimate example of reduce, reuse, recycle!


I can hardly wait to see how it will look when the furniture and books are all in place!  Stay tuned!


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