Moving Day!

After all this time, we finally got the (neon) green light to start moving.  I was so ecstatic that I hardly slept last night!

The library was a hopping place today.  Vendors were on site assembling furniture, and we loaded the space with book carts, equipment, and supplies.  My goal for today was to move everything possible out of the temporary libraries,  and tomorrow we will start unpacking boxes.  The book carts we borrowed from other ASD libraries made the move soooo much faster.  We can’t start unloading them until our shelves arrive, but at least they are now in the new library.



There will be 36 computers in the library computer bank, and most of the tables are now in place.  After a good scrubbing they will be as good as new!  The IT department is in the process of converting our aging Macs into Chromeboxes, so they will be much more efficient for student use next year.  Mr. Legg is coordinating our technology transition, and this is a major upgrade in functionality for students next year.  Every student who has waited five minutes for a computer to load this year will especially appreciate this!


Today the student work tables were delivered and assembled.  Do you see those casters?  Those wheels?  I am unashamedly giddy about them!  Our old tables were enormous and heavy, and we regularly recruited the JROTC class to help us lug them around for special functions.  Guest speakers, graduation celebrations, engineering fairs, poetry slams, spelling bees, PTA meetings, global luncheons, parent conferences, SAT tutoring… you get the idea.  Unfortunately, pushing the tables back into place after those events usually fell on us.  Next year that chore will be nearly effortless thanks to these lightweight tables!  I never thought I would be so exited to see a bunch of casters!


Thanks to the help of Mr. Kostival’s advisory class, we had the temporary library at Romig almost entirely emptied before noon.

Many hands make light work!  (Actually, some of the loads were very heavy, but you know what I mean.)  It was fun to see the kids’ reactions when they saw the new library! They are just as excited as me!!

We can’t quite say goodbye to West 68 yet.  We need our new shelves too be installed before we can unload books from all those carts.  And we need those carts to move these books.  This is our top priority in the next few days.

Meanwhile, back in the new library, we stayed out of the way of the construction crew and furniture vendors by loading up the work room.  The DVD collection from Romig and West is now back together, and it fit perfectly on the new shelves!  Let’s hope all my measurements are as accurate!

Tomorrow will be an organizational day for the work room, circulation desk, and my office while the construction crew installs the nonfiction shelves.  Can’t wait!

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