We’re Back!

I was hoping by this time I could be writing about “Phase 2:  Fiction,” but you know what they say about the best laid plans.  The fiction shelves aren’t even here yet, which is a profound disappointment.  First it was a shipping issue, followed by two manufacturer errors with the colors of the laminate panels on the top and sides of the shelves.  It’s looking like it will be late September or early October before our shelves are in in place.

Despite that setback, it was a productive summer in the library.  Supplies, furniture, and books were brought out of storage and back into the library.  The world language books are out of boxes and on shelves, and the lettering was installed on the entry windows.  I love how it turned out!  It’s a bit more subtle (and welcoming!) when the lights are on and door is open, but these photos show off the lettering the best.


Ready or not, the first day of school arrived this week.  I never dreamed we would open our beautiful new library with thousands of books still parked on multi-colored book carts.  Borrowed book carts, with owners who are anxious to get them back.  (Is chocolate enough repayment for this inconvenience?  Sigh.)

I pushed the carts into place, organized by genre, and slapped up our old signage:


And guess what?  The kids didn’t care about the carts one bit!  They were full of awe and gratitude for their new space that I’m not even sure they noticed?  One poor 8th grader nearly fainted… he didn’t understand that last year’s setup was truly temporary!

It was a good reality check for me.  The kids are the heart and purpose of the library, not the shelves!  They have brought this place to life this week!  It’s good to be back!

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