Sora ebooks & audio books

If you enjoy the Overdrive ebooks and audio books, then tune in! The Overdrive app is being replaced by Sora.  You’ll have still have access to all the same great materials, but now it will be much easier to log in and navigate.  No more 14 digit cryptic numbers required!

For starters, download the free Sora app on your smart phone or tablet, or visit the Sora catalog from a computer at


Next you will be asked to select our school.  This is a districtwide tool, so be sure to select Anchorage School District and not West/Romig.  Once you select ASD you will be taken to the sign on page.  You can log on with the following credentials:

User Name:
Password:  7 digit student ID

Here is a brief video about how to use SORA.  Enjoy!


If you ever need help using or navigating Sora, feel free to bring your device to the library and ask for help!  Happy reading!

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