Blackout Poetry Contest

We really honored National Poetry Month here at the West/Romig library!  Thanks to everyone who participated in our Blackout Poetry contest!  We picked winners in several categories:

Best Overall Poem
Best Artistic Poem
Best World Language Poem
Librarian’s Choice

blackout poetry1

The high school Spoken Word Club selected the winners for Best Overall Poem and Best Artistic Poem:

Best Overall Poem Winners:

First Place:

1st Place, Best Poem Jania T. / Grade 10
Jania T. / Grade 10

Second Place:

2nd Place Best Poem Cara P. / Grade 12
Cara P. / Grade 12

Third Place:

Best Overall Poem, 3rd PlaceAnthony C. / Grade 8
Anthony C. / Grade 8

Best Artistic Poem:

First Place:

Artistic Poem, 1st Place Gillian P / Grade 7
Gillian P / Grade 7

Second Place:

Artistic Poem, 2nd Place Jania T. / Grade 10
Jania T. / Grade 10

Third Place:

Artistic Poem, 3rd Place Kayleight S. / Grade 11
Kayleight S. / Grade 11

The middle school Spanish Immersion students judged and translated the World Language entries for us.

Best World Language Poems:

First Place:
The hand
The fire
Doesn’t wait
And it doesn’t silence

World Language Poem, 1st Place Cami K / Grade 7
Cami K / Grade 7

Second Place:
I don’t want to be the same person they think I am.

World Language Poem, 2nd Place Rachael Shaw / Grade 8
Rachael S. / Grade 8

Third Place:
The magic of a pen.

World Language Poem, 3rd Place ??? / Grade ?
??? / Grade ?

Honorable Mention:

The students loved this poem, but said it does not translate well.  So if you can read Spanish, enjoy!

World Language Poem, Honorable Mention Luba W. / Grade 8
World Language Poem, Honorable Mention
Luba W. / Grade 8

The final category is Librarian’s Choice, because I simply couldn’t bear to let these two go unrecognized!

Librarian’s Choice:  Best Overall Poem

Librarians Choice Best Artistic Poem Raquelle M / Grade 7
Ryan S. / Grade 7

Librarian’s Choice:  Most Artistic Poem:

Librarians Choice Best Artistic Poem Ryan S. / Grade 7
Raquelle M. / Grade 7

We have such creative and talented students!  Here are some more amazing entries!

blackoutslideshow26 blackoutslideshow27

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