LIBRARY CALENDAR – now viewable online!

  1. Select the specific date(s) you need at the bottom of each monthly calendar.

  2. The calendar is organized into three primary columns to represent the three areas that can be reserved:

  • GREEN – MAIN LIBRARY: Tables and chairs for 40 students, projector, and 36 desktop computers.

  • PURPLE – STACKS: Book checkout, renewal, and return. Couches for seating, in addition to some tables/chairs.

  • ORANGEANNEX: Approximately 60 chairs arranged “auditorium style” in front of a projector, tables/chairs, and Chromebook cart.  This area can be walled off for additional privacy if needed.

  1. There are sub-columns to reflect the HS and MS bell schedules.  To avoid double booking, only one sub-column may be reserved during each time slot.

  2. If your desired time is available, please call or email Staci and she will add your reservation.  We will pilot this online system for 4th quarter, and if it works then next year we will look at self-signup for teachers who are interested in doing so!