Career and College

Post-Secondary Sessions/Colleges and Representatives

*Students must sign up the day before the scheduled visit in order to receive a pass.  Sign up in the Career Resource Center for the specific session(s) you are interested in attending.  You will be sent/given a pass to attend the session(s).  Presentations will be in the Career Resource Center unless otherwise noted.

Sept. 28th             Lewis and Clark                                 Jordan Brown                    9:00

Sept. 30th             Tufts University                                Thomas Esponnet            8:30

Oct. 6th                  Univ of Puget Sound                      Ryan Del Rosario              8:30

Oct . 7th                 Colby College                                     Meghan Grandolfo         9:00

Oct. 10th               George WA Univ.                             Ben Toll                                 8:30

Oct. 11th              Univ of Portland                               Jordan Zettle                     9:00

Oct. 12th               Univ of Chicago                                 Chris Davey                        9:00

Oct. 13                  Corbon Univ                                       Kelsea Banks                      9:00

Oct. 14th               Montana Tech                                   Breanna Hall                       8:30

Oct. 18th               Univ Northern Colorado               Lauren Kelly                       8:00

Oct. 18th               Univ Southern California                                                               9:00

Oct. 18th               Whitman College                             Louise Karneus                 11:10

Oct 19th                 Seattle University                            Tamara Long                      8:00

Oct 19                   Pacific N W College of Art             Morgan Carver                  9:00 (library)

Oct. 20th               Univ. Northern Arizona                 Micheleen Pennington  9:00

Oct. 20th               Carnegie Mellon Univ                    Ann Caldwell                      12:45

Nov. 4th                Pacific Lutheran Univ                      Hannah Middlebrook     12:45


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