5: Moving to West

Once things were settled at the middle school, our focus shifted to the high school.  We loaded up every book cart we could find so we would be ready as soon as the shelves were assembled.

It was deja vu.  Wait for the frames, to be installed, and then pop in all the individual shelves:

Once they were in place it was time to unload.

A lot of nonfiction moved to the high school, so pushing the carts was a definite workout!  We were all appreciative when the time came to push the lighter fiction loads.

Once the books were in place, we moved the tables and 32 of the computers.  This summer the electricians and tech staff will take care of the wiring to make this temporary lab functional.

There isn’t a great place to house the DVD’s at the high school location, but at least they are separate from the books and close to the circulation desk.

Lastly, we moved some of the lounge furniture.  The blue tape on the floor shows where the circulation desk will be placed, and wooden shelf panels will be installed on the ends of each row so we have a place to hang signs.  There is still a bit of work to do, but it’s close to completion.

The 2017-2018 temporary high school library has approximately 10,000 books, 32 computers, and a DVD collection.  This should serve as a nice temporary home while we wait for renovations to be completed in our regular space!

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4: Moving to Romig

These shelves were like a giant game of Humpty Dumpty.  No one wanted to take Humpty apart, let alone put him back together again.

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3: Getting Started

We had a walk-through meeting with the district’s warehouse and maintenance departments to discuss the logistics of vacating the current library and setting up temporary locations at both West and Romig.  Once I learned that the existing shelving would be transferred, we got busy shifting books.

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2: Decisions

What we know for certain:  the shared library for Romig Middle School and West High School will receive much-needed seismic safety renovations during the 2017-2018 school year.  We’ve received our marching orders, and need to be out by end of the 2017 school year.

What we need to decide:  how does a shared school library, with only one librarian, still effectively serve two schools while we are relocated for construction?

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1: Background

I’m in the midst of moving an entire school library.  It’s a job that I work on all day, think about all evening, and dream about all night.  (I’m not kidding.  Some of my most brilliant brainstorms happen during REM cycles.)  Since this project is taking over my life, it only seems fitting that I write about it.  I’ve decided to add a Construction Update section to our library website to document the process of our library’s renovation.

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