NoodleTools is a resource that makes research painless!  You can use it to take notes, create outlines, and put together a bibliography/Works Cited page.  MLA, APA, and Chicago/Turabian formats are available.  Access NoodleTools from your ASD Google Drive under the waffle menu.

I’ve put together a series of video tutorials to help you with the basics:

NoodleTools overview (13:43) – Everything you need to get started with Noodle Tools

Need more specific help?  These brief screencast tutorials will help you research like a pro!

1:  Setting up your account and logging in (0:59)
2:  Starting a new project (1:37)
3:  Dashboard overview & student collaboration (2:03)
4:  Citing websites (5:34)
5:  Citing databases via export (1:57) – use for Gale’s High School In Context
6:  Citing databases via copy/paste (3:34) – use for all Ebsco databases
7:  Citing books (1:40)
8:  Exporting your Works Cited (:37)
9:  Tagging and Sorting your Works Cited (1:34) – Primary vs. Secondary sort for NHD projects

Need additional help?  Check out the Noodle Tools support page or stop by the library and ask!